What To Wear To An In-Home Newborn Session

Sometimes the hardest part about a session is picking what to wear, specially when you have to select your outfit and everybody else's in the family! haha In this post I walk you through some tips to help you pick what to wear to an in-home newborn session.

Colors matter

Yes, color coordinating may seem "so extra" but it actually matters. So much. I am not talking about everybody has to wear white and khakis haha. Although it can be pretty everyone wearing the same color as you will see it in examples below. The goal is that colors won't clash with each other, but they will compliment each other. I usually tell clients earthly tones. Which it doesn't always mean "neutrals". Earthly tones are more muted tones of every color. That way the focus on the photos are you and your family, and not your outfit.

Patterns matter

Just like colors, patterns can play a huge role. If your husband is wearing a striped t-shirt you may not want to wear an outfit with a pattern. Otherwise, those patterns would clash. And once again, you guessed it, the focus on the image wouldn't be you guys but the outfits. I usually recommend no patterns, or simple beautiful ones. And if one of you guys wear a pattern, for the other person not to wear one. You will see in some examples a few flower patterns, and stripped shirts.

Comfort matter

Lastly, be comfortable! I have seen moms wear jeans and wear long dresses. But what mattered the most is that they felt comfortable enough to hold their babies. To stand up and sit down. They felt good enough to feel like themselves! Most clients love to be barefoot and I think that is great because we are relaxed at home! No worries, you don't have to have perfect feet haha. The main focus of my photos will not be your feet haha.

Hope these helped you figured out what to wear to your in-home newborn session! Let me know if you have any questions and when do you want to book yours right here. Here is another blog post on "Why you should have an in-home newborn session" here and "How to prepare for your in-home newborn session."

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