What To Expect At Your In-Home Newborn Session

Newborn in-home sessions can be intimidating. But I am here to walk you through what to expect at your in-home newborn session. Let's start with what not-to expect.

What not-to expect

Do not expect it to be perfect. As simple as it is. Don't put expectations on your baby to act a certain way. This is about you enjoying time with your family, adjusting to your "new normal". So here is what to expect at your in-home newborn session.

Slow down and enjoy the moment

I want you guys to be able to take a deep breath and enjoy that newborn snuggle. Enjoy that sweet little baby smell while slowing down. Our lives are already so busy and rushed, the last thing you need is me trying to rush you through an in-home newborn photoshoot. I am only there for about an hour. And that is because I am only focusing on capturing raw and genuine moments. I am not there spending time putting your baby on certain poses.

Take one step at a time

Babies are unpredictable, specially newborns. So it is okay if you have to take a step out to feed your baby a little more. Or even just rock your baby a little bit longer. Just because I am there for an hour it does not mean I need to be clicking away for the whole hour. Expect your baby to be a baby, and attend to his or her needs as it comes.

These are just a few points in what to expect at your in-home newborn session. You can also read my blog post in "Why you should have an in-home newborn session" here.

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