How To Prepare For Your Newborn Session

If the thought of having pictures done right after giving birth makes you cringe, fear not! I am here to walk you through what could be some of the most special memories captured. We are going to go through some easy steps on how to prepare for your newborn session.

Put aside any expectations

First, put aside any expectation you might have on your baby. I am one of those people that really wanted my baby to be awake during our session. And guess what? He was asleep... the whole time! But of course, it still turned out to be a very special session with some beautiful images.

Do not go for perfection

Secondly, do not go for perfection. The headline of my website and life is: "beautiful and imperfect moments". I am helping you prepare for your newborn session, and not helping you to be perfect. Your baby is a newborn. He or she will most likely cry. He or she will most likely want to be rocked a little longer, or even need to be fed a little more. And that is okay! I am there to encourage you, and not to let you starve your baby for the sake of a "good photoshoot".

Let's talk logistics

Thirdly, let's talk a little bit of logistics. I recommend booking these sessions after a feed. That is usually when baby is most happy. I also like to leave a slot for about an hour for a newborn session. That way it gives you time to take deep breaths if baby is being fussier. Or if you need to rock your baby a little longer, or even feed your baby.

Lastly, enjoy all the snuggles and the time with your family. This session is with a new family of four that just a little over two years ago was a family of three (click here to see session). Time goes by way too fast. Slow down, and enjoy the moment!

I hope these easy steps helped you prepare for your newborn session. But if you are still on the fence trying to figure out if you should get a lifestyle newborn photography done, read my blog post in "Why you should have an in-home newborn session" here.

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