Family of 4 Newborn Session

In-home newborn sessions can be so common with only your first child. But I am here to tell you that it gets even better with adding more babies to the mix! I know it can be overwhelming if you have a toddler and now a baby. But at the end of the day capturing memories is about the raw and genuine moments. So I am here to tell you that a family of 4 newborn session can be just as special and a must in my books!

It is no secret that if you have a toddler and now a baby it might be a little harder to get those images with your very active toddler! But that is totally okay. Just as much as I am there to capture the sweetness of your baby, I am also there to capture your toddler's personality. A family of 4 newborn session doesn't have to always include everyone. My goal will be to capture a little bit of everything.

And before getting frustrated with your toddler, remember that your toddler is figuring out this new family as a family of 4 just as much as you are. Up until a few days ago he or she was the baby of the family! So it is okay if we have to take some extra time with your toddler. It is okay to go grab a few snacks, and let your toddler be just that, a toddler.

All of this also applies if you are a new family of 5, or 6 or beyond! There is nothing like growing your family and having beautiful images to remember those moments. If you need some help in what to expect at your newborn session click here!

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