Why you should have an in-home Newborn Session

We all know how fast life goes by. But nothing can prepare you for how fast the first year of your baby's life goes. Capturing in-home newborn sessions have a whole new meaning to me after I had my first baby. These are truly some of the sweetest moments in your life, that will go entirely too fast. And that is why capturing a milestone like this is so important!

The days may seem crazy and long, but this stage will go by faster than you can imagine. Savor every moment. The cries, the snuggles, the blow-outs, the tiny fingers, the tiny movements, and everything in between. We all know it is incredibly hard, but it is also so rewarding when you focus on the sweet memories.

Maybe the thought of having someone capture what it feels like "chaos" in your house may seem crazy. But rest assured, because I am not there to capture perfection. I am there to capture beautiful and imperfect moments. An in-home newborn session is laid back, sentimental and real. I am not there to orchestrate this magical theater. I am there to make you guys feel comfortable, and reassure you guys of the incredible job you are doing as parents!

Although it may seem intimidating to have a "photoshoot" just days after giving birth, I promise you will want to remember all of that. Your baby's tiny fingers, tiny toes, sweet cheeks and eyes. Your in-home newborn session will be the beginning of a new adventure! Contact me so we can chat more about them!

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