Being a destination wedding photographer, I’ve been through all kinds of bad weather. Although it can sometimes be a bit unexpected, shoots like this often turn out to be some of my favorites! Cristina and Taylor’s Grand Teton engagement session became that much more memorable because of the windy and cold circumstances!!

Positive Attitude = Good Photos

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million more times, a positive attitude is the difference between having a great or miserable time! This couple could have rescheduled, canceled, or just flat out complained the whole session, but that wasn’t the case. Cristina and Taylor made this shoot so much fun! Looking back on my experiences with bad weather, I can say without a doubt that just being with people can make a huge difference! Having a good support system and knowing you are in it together is always reassuring.

It’s ALWAYS Worth It.

With the gorgeous mountains and scenery for a backdrop, it was really hard to have a bad outlook on the day. Plus, the cold weather makes for a good excuse to snuggle up closer to your soon to be spouse (wink wink)! I am so thankful to have worked with such an amazing couple and can’t wait to show off this Grand Tetons engagement session!

If you need someone to guide you though tackling the elements, look no further! Your bad weather guru has arrived, Let’s talk!!

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