5 reasons eloping may be right for you

Have you ever felt as though a traditional wedding route was not the right fit for you? If so, you might want to look into an elopement for your special day! As a destination wedding photographer, I have traveled far and wide while covering both traditional weddings and elopements, and there are definitely pros to both! BUT, if you are up for a little spontaneity and a lot of adventure, eloping may be in your future. To help you decide, here is why Olivia and Will chose to elope!

You want a unique wedding day

There’s just something about elopements that get me every time… and I’ve been doing this for a while! When Olivia and Will first reached out to me, they were conflicted between trying to please their guests and focusing on themselves – you can probably guess what ended up happening! This couple was so open to ideas, and eventually we decided to ditch the venue and book it to Colorado! Moral of the story, do what is best for you! It is YOUR wedding after all, make sure it reflects your personality!. 

You want an intimate ceremony

Boy oh boy… is there anything like a ceremony surrounded by your closest friends and family?? If you are worried about pleasing your guests, this is your sign to grab your closest confidants and hit the road! Some couples choose to be alone, but Olivia and Will wanted to make sure the whole family could be there. This couple wanted to do Yosemite but they realized it would be too difficult for their grandparents. So, they ended up settling on Colorado to elope because it was a happy medium! They could still have their family and close friends there while still being a part of nature which is what they love! There is no better way to ease the anxiety and tension of your wedding day than to have a day focused on just the two of you and your family – free of distractions. 

You want a scenic backdrop

Now to address the obvious, the endless options of where you could elope. This is by far my favorite part, because each couple picks a place that is unique to them (and I get to travel to cool new places hehe)! Whether it’s in a family member’s backyard, or a cliff overlooking a canyon, each couple is different. For Olivia and Will it was the Sunrise Amphitheater in Colorado – what will it be for you? If you are still torn trying to figure out a location, I am all ears to help you out!

You want an unforgettable experience

If you’re looking for something different on your wedding day, eloping will give it to you. When else are you going to get to hike a mountain in a wedding dress and boots? In other words, eloping will give you memories that are unmatched. Spending the entire day with your favorite people, and the person you love most – what could be better??

You have a smaller budget 

Not only is eloping a great alternative to a big wedding, but it is also a great way to save money! Instead of planning all the intricacies of having your big day at a classic venue, you can save money and buy a ticket to anywhere you want to go! Believe me, I get that wedding planning can be overwhelming at times, so I’m here for you if you want to pull a 180 and change your plans like Olivia and Will

All in all, this day is all about YOU! I cannot stress that enough. I encourage you to do whatever feels right. Whether it’s a big wedding in your hometown, or you decide to drop everything and elope, I would be happy to capture your day! Let’s talk!


Dress: @ruedeseinebridal @thedresstheory

Earrings: @autumnfeverdesigns

Hair and Makeup: @presleygraceglam @wut_the_bek

Video: @heslepfilmandphoto

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