Usually, it’s up to me to push my couples to think outside the box. It may be their first adventure session or first time ever doing a formal photo shoot. I’m there to offer support for any hesitations or fears they may have! Shooting this foggy San Francisco coast couples session was unlike any other I had done before. These two had me stepping out of MY comfort zone rather than the other way around!

No Matter Who Brings the Vision, We’ll Make it Happen

Let me just say this up front: I LOVE it when my couples come to me with ideas for their shoot. We can never have too many inspirations! There were a few factors that made this shoot completely unique:

  • We planned the session LITERALLY THE NIGHT BEFORE so it was way last minute! 
  • I was NOT the one casting the vision for the shoot, but it surprisingly wasn’t Megan calling the shots as I would have expected (I usually work with the girl in planning the shoot)–it was Connor!

Here’s the thing: if I end up shooting the exact same style wedding, elopement, or adventure session every time, I will eventually grow stale in my skills and style. Though it is good to maintain consistency in your work, there is ALWAYS room to grow. It is through shoots like this one that I feel stretched in really helpful ways!

We Work Together as a Team

You don’t have to come to the table knowing exactly what you would like your shoot to look like. Having ideas is great but I never want my couples to feel any pressure in setting the stage for their shoot. That’s what I’m here for!

Both Megan and Connor have an artistic eye so they both were able to offer invaluable ideas! Connor had a specific vision in mind and wanted to choose everything for their San Francisco coast couples session. I loved witnessing his creative mind at work and brainstorming together! The shoot was so last minute, we just had to make our most feasible ideas work!

I’m Here to Capture Your Personality

Connor even had screenshots of what he was looking for as the vibe for their shoot. He shared his hopes and dreams along with all this moody inspiration. I am usually all smiles, with laughter and tons of movement in my shoots. Instead, Connor wanted the serious, moody, more static photos, and I loved it!

Want to hear another crazy part of this shoot? Not only had we planned it only the night before, but we had just 30 minutes to shoot! At first it was hard, but honestly that is what these sessions are all about: capturing a reflection of you two and not me. Even if we have to do so in a short amount of time!

This was such a perfect example of how to have a session that showcases your personality and not mine. Although I did try to steal just a few laughs out of Connor! At the end of the day, my hope is that our time together and the photos we create will be the perfect way to bring your vision to life!

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