Elopement package day-before photos in Zion National Park

If you’re a couple that’s up for an adventure, it tends to not end up being a singular event. If there are multiple adventures to be had, especially when it’s a two-in-one deal, it’s ALWAYS worth it! That’s what I love about a completing your elopement package with either day-before or day-after photos: they keep the adventure going.

Why You Should Do Day-Before or Day-After Photos

Elopement package day-before photos in Zion National Park

After traveling so far already, it only makes sense to take advantage of your time in this destination elopement location. Who knows if you'll ever go back! Make the most of exploring this epic location together, and I’ll bring my camera!

Here are my top reasons why day-before or day-after photos are absolutely worth it!

  • Outfit Options: you can wear your wedding dress, go with something more casual, let your hair down, or even switch to a bathing suit!
  • Location Variety: not being tied to your ceremony location, we can shoot in a variety of spots even if it’s a waterfall or hot tub!
  • Lighting Choices: if your wedding day timeline limited you to specific daylight we can use this extra session to catch a sunrise or sunset.
  • It’s basically two adventures packed into one!

Different Options for Your Elopement Package

Elopement package day-after photos in Bend, Oregon

When it comes to planning out your day-before or day-after session, it can be whatever you want it to be. Your session can be fun and adventurous but also close-up and intimate. A perfect session always has a little bit of both!

You get to choose your own adventure depending upon your location and schedule. If your destination wedding already has you in a spectacular spot, taking photos the day before or day after allows for capturing more of these beautiful surroundings.

Here are some tips and ideas based on what my couples have done!

  • Wear a less formal version of your wedding dress–this presented an elegant contrast to this bride’s natural surroundings.
  • Go on an epic adventure at your elopement destination doing something you both already enjoy in a brand new location.
  • I never thought I would like a “Just-Married Hot Tub Session” but watching these newlyweds spend more time together a day after their elopement was amazing! For your elopement package, trying something different like shooting your day-before or day-after photos in a hot tub could be just the right fit!

Your destination elopement is the perfect time and perfect spot to celebrate you two as a couple. Why limit your photos to just one day? Extend your elopement adventure with a day-before or day-after session in your elopement package!

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