Why You Shouldn't Miss Your Engagement Session

April 28, 2021

Couple embraces in field at engagement session

Engagement sessions shouldn’t just be a task on your wedding to-do list because you need photos for your save-the-date cards. Instead, your engagement session should be another step on the path to marriage as you create memories you’ll remember alongside those from your wedding day.

While wedding days can be structured, engagement sessions allow us to capture the you in a more natural state. Engagement sessions basically act as a warm-up to the wedding day photos!

It’s OK if you’re unsure whether or not you need an engagement session or how to go about preparing for one. After shooting quite a few engagement shoots, here are my tips to make your engagement session SO MUCH FUN!

Keep the Schedule Loose

Couple runs through field at engagement session

Wedding days require regimented schedules. Timelines ensure that guests are not kept waiting, vendors meet deadlines, and that you get all the special moments you desire on your big day! 

It helps to have a game plan for when and where we are shooting an engagement session. But, it matters even more so to keep the schedule loose and allow the adventure to unfold naturally. No pressure, and no timeline. Only JOY and celebration! (add your date to an adventure I’ve already got planned!)

Do What Comes Naturally

Capturing you two in the places you love doing the activities that are most meaningful to your relationship creates the best shots! If you love the outdoors, let’s go on a hike! Are you two homebodies? Let’s shoot in your home! We will find the perfect spot to reflect your personality whether that includes lots of travel or having fun in your own backyard (count me in for either!).

Even if the engagement session location is brand new to the two of you (Yosemite, anyone?), but the activity is familiar (take a beach stroll!), we will be able to capture some beautiful moments! The greatest thing to remember is this a chance to just be yourselves without any of the stress that a wedding day can bring. It’s a time to be silly, have fun, and let out all of those pre-wedding jitters!

You Don’t Have to Be “Photogenic”

Couple sits at overlook at engagement session

If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard a couple say “But Nathaly, we are so awkward in front of the camera” or “What should I wear?” I would be rich! Even if one of you is not excited about photos (usually the groom), your session is a great way for us to meet (if we haven’t already) and get comfortable interacting with you two in front of the camera, and myself behind it.

Once we start planning your session I send out a “What to Wear Guide.” This covers so many tips to guarantee that your outfit reflects your style and doesn’t overwhelm the photos. It is both my job and honor to get you from a point of hesitation to saying by the end of our session “We had so much fun with you!!”

More Than Just a Photograph

Couple embraces overlooking city at engagement session

I’m the kind of photographer that wants to be there to capture more than just a picture: I want to capture the story. I’m ready to capture the sweet, the messy, and the imperfect moments of your engagement session together.

With that in mind, it’s easier than you think to do an engagement shoot because all you two have to do is show up and have fun together. I will take care of the rest!

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