Misty Oregon Coast Couples Session | Natalie + Thomas

April 21, 2021

The Pacific Northwest has always been on my bucket list! Everyone talks about how beautiful the PNW is and I just had to travel there to see for myself! The one catch to the PNW’s beauty is its completely unpredictable weather. That’s not something I was warned about when I arrived for this misty Oregon Coast couples session.

A Traveling Photographer is Ready for Anything!

I’m a traveling photographer from Alabama, so I get unpredictable rain. BUT, the Oregon coast is basically rainy 90% of the time! Thankfully, I come prepared for such a challenge, and I work with couples who are flexible and up for enjoying the day for whatever it brings! 

I traveled across the country for our misty, Oregon Coast adventurous couples session and Natalie and Thomas drove three hours to meet me. Couples who are willing to hop in a car or even a plane in order to do their couples session can be SO MUCH FUN to shoot!

Of course, the Oregon Coast had its own ideas and we encountered the opposite of rain and instead found…FIRE. What?? Yes, our shoot just happened to fall during the intense wildfires ripping across the PNW leaving red and ashen skies.

A Traveling Photographer Loves Returning to Her Favorite Spots

To escape all the smoke from Portland, we drove to the Oregon Coast and found ourselves overlooking Cannon Beach. Again, Oregon delivered what it had promised and we found ourselves some wind and misty rain! Under the circumstances, rain was the best of our options so we made the most of it and caught some beautiful shots!

I had actually just done an engagement shoot at Cannon Beach only a month prior. It’s incredible to see how the landscape can look so different each visit depending upon an area’s weather patterns! That’s why I keep coming back to some of my favorite traveling photographer spots! There’s always new territory and new looks to explore.

Note to Self: Always End the Day with Pizza!

To soften the blow of the often wild weather conditions of the Oregon Coast, I direct my couples to my favorite PNW pizza restaurant. There literally is no better way to end a day of shooting than with a warm slice of pizza in hand at Pizza A’ Fetta in Cannon Beach. I’m not sure why I did not think of this sooner! 

If you are ready for your couples session and either live near or are ready for traveling to the PNW: let’s GO! We can grab some pizza together!

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