When you are a destination wedding photographer, your home is merely the launching point for all of your travels. It doesn’t matter where in the world my couples wish to have their wedding–I’ll travel to them! For this cliffside beach wedding along the California Coast, I did just that!

Though I call Alabama my home sweet home, my bags are always packed and ready to go for a destination wedding! Exploring this big great world is both a passion and goal of mine. So, when capturing a love story includes travelling–I am ready to roll!

Think About Your Dream Destination

Imagine the dream location where you wish to get married and don’t let your own physical address stop you from going there! Chanae and Chris turned both their engagement shoot (on the Oregon Coast) and their wedding day into destination events. 

Is your dream destination wedding a national park ceremony or an elegant beach affair? Chanae and Chris had dreamt of a destination cliffside wedding along the California coast.

This bride LOVES the ocean so the Ocean Institute in Dana Point was the perfect venue for their joy-filled wedding. Simple touches such as the color palette of Chanae’s bridesmaids’ dresses were a reflection of her love for the ocean blue that surrounded the ceremony.

Optimize Your Destination’s Resources

The bride and groom got so lost in the moment that they completely blocked out anything that distracted from these beautiful moments. They ended their day by taking full advantage of their surroundings with a phenomenal boat exit! Scroll down to the end so you don’t miss it! 

Walking past a row of sparklers, Chanae and Chris then hopped onto a boat and enjoyed the most romantic exit from a wedding ever! The guests of this California coast destination wedding waved as the couple floated away in their ocean-blue bliss!

Whether your dream wedding day is in California or in your own corner of the world, just say the word and this destination wedding photographer will be there!

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