After capturing this couple in their adventure session, these two make me wanna drop everything and live the van life. I would probably need a separate van just for my clothes, but at least I would wake up to a different place every morning!

Upon getting married, Sariah and Parker decided to drop everything and live in a van together with their two pups. I was able to photograph them for an adventure session on their stop in Yosemite Valley. And let me tell was incredible!

What an Adventure Session Isn’t

For this couple, having adventures isn’t isolated to specific events, it’s their lifestyle. As they travel across the U.S. they’ve gotten to know each other more deeply as they face each adventure. Stopping for a photo shoot together was just the variety they needed!

An adventure session doesn’t have to involve hanging off a cliff (though it’s worth a shot), being in a foreign country (count me in!), or even living in a yellow van. For Sariah and Parker’s adventure session we literally just found a cool spot while driving in Yosemite Valley. We pulled to the side of the road and BAM! We had arrived at the most beautiful shoot location.

What It Can Be

I realize that Yosemite is just like that: everywhere you turn a beautiful photo is just waiting to be taken. You literally can’t go wrong anywhere! The spots we found to have them walk along a riverbed or dance on top of their yellow van were perfect. Yet, an adventure session can take on a completely different meaning depending upon a couple’s interests. No two adventure sessions need look alike!

Capturing Sariah and Parker’s moments together at their Yosemite Valley shoot was so special. Even though their living space is super tiny, they are still so obviously in love and maintain such a cool bond between them. It was apparent in every shot!

Exploring this great big world is one of my life goals and it’s even better when I get to share that moment with couples! Capturing love stories like Sariah and Parker’s is one of my favorite parts of being an adventure wedding and elopement photographer.

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