Love is in the details. 10 Blue Wedding Suits. 12 Velvet Bridesmaid dresses. One pair of ribbon-laced, flower-adorned Chuck Taylors. A single Stylish Boho-Chic Fedora.

The moment this wedding wrapped I was ready to replace my entire wardrobe with the outfits worn by this stylish wedding party. The bridesmaids looked like a row of Greek goddesses ornamented by eucalyptus bouquets wrapped with long, flowing satin ribbons. Everyone took turns wearing Caitlin’s wide-brimmed stylish fedora (myself included) and it became the finishing touch to this boho-chic wedding.  

A Relaxed, Boho-Chic Vision

There was such an effortless beauty to the entire day which made my job easy. For real, this bride outfitted her wedding with my favorite chic looks, even for their engagement session. The bride’s vision for her wedding was relaxed, boho chic–very similar to herself–and for sure they got that down!

Yet, it wasn’t about the stylish clothes. The day was about Brantley’s eyes when he gazed at his bride. About Caitlin’s gentle touch when she reached for her groom’s hand. About the one bridesmaid who kept those black fluffy slippers on even during the shoot. It was about the kind-hearted and fun-loving spirit of the entire wedding party that embodied this couple.

A Golden-Hour Wedding Shoot

Weddings can follow a pretty straight-forward pattern: ceremony, reception, send off, and BOOM! The newly married couple is on their honeymoon. Since the day can pass by so quickly, I highly recommend sneaking away for some extra shots of just the bride and groom.

Following the ceremony, there is a sense of bliss that washes over the newly-married couple which is best captured by a golden-hour wedding shoot. Caitlin and Brantley’s stylish, boho-chic wedding photos were so magical! We captured moments that would have been completely missed had we not made the time for it.

As the sun set on their wedding day, every detail to the very last petal of Caitlin’s rose bouquet became a timeless memory. A stunning fireworks show closed out the night: lighting the sky with a beauty as simple and ornate as their own love story.

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