To say this fun beach engagement session was perfect is an understatement! Carson and Jackson made my job as a photographer so easy by just being themselves! They were silly, fun, joyful and so in love! The kind of love where you can feel it by the way they look at each other, hold each other, and laugh with each other!

Now let’s talk about their outfits… because I am IN LOVE!! I have done many shoots at the beach before, but never somebody so boldly wore jeans and crushed it like that. Especially when we went knee deep in the water! Those were probably my favorite pictures, and probably what made this fun beach engagement session one of my favorites! I also love how we kept the long dress for Alys beach, making it a little more dressy for the stunning, elegant scenery that Alys has to offer.

Even though this session was in the middle of July (and yes we were hot haha) we had an amazing breeze, PLUS can we talk about the water color? Absolutely stunning blue, it reminded me of the Caribbean water, crystal clear! The sun was also behind some very thin clouds, which made the lighting so soft and perfect! Couldn’t leave without mentioning that black & white at the beach have become my absolute favorites! Just check it for yourselves!

Needless to say, this fun beach engagement session is one for the books and I hope you enjoy it too! If you want some more beach inspiration check out Kass + Patrik in Charleston, South Carolina. And if you wanna see a beach wedding, check out Freddie and Parker Timeless Alys Beach Wedding!

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