Toccoa Falls Winter Engagement Session | Lennox + Chandler

November 24, 2019

pssst… I have a secret… don’t tell anybody this… but we had the WHOLE Toccoa Falls to ourselves during this winter engagement session! Can you believe it?

Well let me explain… there is a slight chance that we forgot to check what time the falls opened on a Sunday, and there is a slight chance that we showed up when it was still closed (also if I may add… HOURS before it would even open. Like we showed at 8am, it opened at 1pm lol). BUT for our luck, we saw this sweet man from a distance, and it looked like he was cleaning the visitor center which I am guessing is where they have weddings. We kindly asked him if he could allow us to enter since we drove from so far away (I drove all the way from Auburn, AL so like 3 and half hours…), and he so nicely let us through!

It was the perfect morning! Nobody was there. Just us and the waterfall. Seriously, what else could we ask for? Also, may I add that Lennox and Chandler absolutely killed their outfit game? Their black jackets made this winter session that much more perfect, and I am here for it! It totally matched the cooler tones of this chilly morning and I could not be happier.

Not to mention the last few pictures with the insanely gorgeous yellow trees was right by the parking lot! So we not only got some beautiful Toccoa Falls Winter engagement pictures, but we got some fall foliage to finish the session. That was definitely the cherry on top of this perfect winter engagement session!

Loving Toccoa Falls and want to do your engagement session there? OR wanting to fo your wedding there? YUP, they do that!! I am your girl, let’s talk you know I would love to go back there and capture your love! Toccoa falls is beautiful all year round, look at this Summer engagement session with Dan and Renata!
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