Arabia Mountain Sunset Session | Katey + Dylan

November 24, 2019

This Arabia Mountain sunset session is one for the books! The light of my dreams!! This golden hour was unreal and if I could always have this beautiful lighting my life would be made, haha! But seriously, the sun was absolutely perfect and you know what is crazy? It gives such a warmth to the pictures but it was actually crazy windy and chilly up there. I am not going to lie though, the wind was a total added bonus to this Arabia Mountain Sunset Session! I always tell the couple “embrace the wind”, and that is exactly what they did here.

Keep scrolling and you will see one of my favorite pictures taken at this Arabia Mountain sunset session! Probably one of my favorites to date. Katey and Dylan are facing each other, the sun is hitting them, her hand is on his shoulder and you can see her ring peeping through in between them, the wind blew at the perfect time making her hair flowy, and oh my goodness it is my absolute favorite!

The best part about Arabia Mountain is that it looks beautiful regardless of the season. I have been there in the winter, summer, fall and it always looks so beautiful because it is such a unique space with a stunning view! Don’t believe me? See it for yourself, I was there just two months before this session and it was a cloudy day. It was even drizzling just a little BUT the pictures still turned out GORGEOUS! Click right here to see those! Needless to say I absolutely love this place and would definitely go back there at any point! So hire me and let’s adventure together!
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