Moody Arabia Mountain Engagement Session | Caitlin + Brantley

September 13, 2019

It’s hard not to fall in love with this session! Caitlin and Brantley have this genuine smile towards each other that just makes your heart melt into a puddle. I know… I am a sucker for love stories! It was the perfect cloudy day that turned this into a moody Arabia Mountain engagement session, and I am not even mad about it. It was drizzling just a tad before this shoot which made the mountain EMPTY!! Now thats a positive in my books, no one around? Turn up the music!! We for sure had a blast adventuring on top of Arabia Mountain, singing all the songs, twirling, running and just enjoying this beautiful view!

Now, I can’t finish blogging this Arabia Mountain engagement session without mentioning Caitlin’s amazing fashion taste! I seriously asked her where she bought every single piece of clothing she was wearing… and Brantley hahaha. SHE DID SO GOOD! When people ask me what to wear I just send them this gallery, hahaha. All in all I think the cloudy day, the drizzle, their infectious smiles, and their outfit made the perfect combo for a perfect day!

Arabia Mountain is beautiful at any time of the year and if you want to what it looks like with its glorious sun shining here is a session I did just a few weeks after this one that had an incredible golden hour sunset: Katey & Dylan.
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