Mary Pat and Joseph’s backyard lake wedding was absolutely unforgettable! Their day had so many meaningful moments, and it was one of the best days to capture. The lake wedding actually took place at Mary Pat’s parents’ lake house! I thought that was so incredibly special, as any backyard wedding always is. 

Okay do you want to hear the sweetest story ever?? Joseph used to get Mary Pat yellow roses on all their dates, and she saved all of them. Being the graphic designer that she is, Mary Pat wanted the color palette for her backyard lake wedding to match these roses. Because of this, she chose yellow flowers and yellow dresses for her bridesmaids. I mean, how sweet is that?! 

Another thing that was AMAZING about this backyard lake wedding day was the weather. For it being an Alabama wedding in July, we were fully prepared for 100 degree weather with extreme humidity. However, the Lord truly blessed us that day and gave us 85 degree weather with a BREEZE. IN JULY. As a photographer who does so many summer weddings in the south, I will truly never forget that! 

Mary Pat and Joseph’s ceremony from their backyard lake wedding could not have been more perfect! The lighting was incredible, and those ceremony pictures are some of my all-time favorites! Also, their reception entrance was the coolest ever. I mean, who gets to enter their reception on a pontoon?? SO COOL. It was also great because we got to hang out in the boat while everyone was going from the ceremony to the reception. This gave Mary Pat and Joseph a great time to rest and be together alone before going into their big reception! 

In conclusion, Mary Pat and Joseph’s backyard lake wedding was the most perfect day! I hope you love scrolling through these pictures as much as I loved taking them!

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