Rachel & Taylor
First Look
Summer Wedding (May)
"I wasn't so sure when my wife first told me we were going to do a first look. First looks are such a new thing now, and growing up you always hear about not seeing each other until the ceremony. I was also unsure because I wanted that moment of her walking down the aisle to be so special. Well, after a half ceremony, a crazy storm, a long break to get our plan B set up and another ceremony, I am so glad we did a first look. Not only did we get all of our pictures done before the storm (which by the way came out of nowhere and was not on the radar), but we got to spend so much more of the day, our day, together, and that time was so special. And the worry I had about the first look taking away from her walking down the aisle, it didn’t. Each time I saw her that day it was more and more special and emotional. I got to see my now wife walk down the aisle twice and both times my breath was taken away." - Taylor Norman
- Picture by: tindallfarmerphotography.com


Paige & Ty
First look
4:30PM ceremony
Summer Wedding (May)
"We decided to do the first look because of multiple reasons. The first reason is because we didn’t want our friends and family waiting over at the reception for us for very long after the ceremony. We also knew once we got married we would be so excited and ready to go over to be with everyone and celebrate. We didn’t want to rush the pictures. I am so happy we did it because we had time to do all the pictures we wanted and never felt rushed. Also, this was just a bonus, but if we had waited, the rain came down hard right after the reception so that limited pictures outside after ceremony." - Paige Keenum


Dani & Alex
First look
5:30PM ceremony
Summer wedding (August)


Lesli & Jack
No first look
2:30PM ceremony
Winter Wedding (January)


Eliza & Patrick
No first look
2:00PM ceremony
Summer wedding (May)
Pictures done after ceremony