Eliza and Patrick had the most beautiful and elegant Chateau Elan summer wedding. Chateau Elan is an absolutely stunning venue in North Georgia. The winery at Chateau Elan offered a gorgeous setting for us to take their portraits. However, this summer wedding was in mid-May in the South with absolutely NO SHADE! Scary right?? Needless to say, it was HOT. Despite the heat, this Chateau Elan summer wedding was one of my favorite weddings ever. I mean a wedding at a winery, what more can a photographer ask for??

One really cool thing about having a Chateau Elan summer wedding is that there are so many things to do at the venue. Eliza and Patrick’s Catholic ceremony was at 12, so we arrived at the winery at 2 and the guests had so much time to explore the winery before the cocktail hour began. This gave me so much time to get the perfect shots of Eliza and Patrick along with their gorgeous wedding party. Because of the heat, the key was to be quick to make sure everyone was still having a great time. I wanted to make sure every part of their wedding day was fun, even taking pictures in 90 degree weather!

Another part of their Chateau Elan summer wedding that I adored was how thoughtfully the details of their reception were put together. It was all so beautiful and elegant, and matched the tone of this winery wedding so well. The reception was also SO FUN, which I expected nothing less from Eliza and Patrick! We used to workout together, and so getting to be a part of their wedding day was so special. If you keep scrolling you can see a picture of them holding me up, which caught me off guard but was so sweet!! 

This Chateau Elan summer wedding will be one I always dream about! I am so thankful that I got to capture such a beautiful day for a wonderful couple!


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