I am so excited to share this story with you guys! So buckle up because it is a good one.

Mitch and I worked together at Auburn Community Church and we always bonded over photography things. When he told me he was moving to Colorado I said “you best believe I am going to come visit!” Well… when we he came back to Auburn over thanksgiving break of 2018 he told me he was not only planning to propose to his girlfriend, but that he wanted to do it in Boulder, CO. OF COURSE, my immediate answer was “I AM THERE.” Then I proceeded to congratulate him.. oops haha! I did everything to make it work with my schedule and I am so thankful I was there to capture this moment! Mitch and Carli are such a sweet couple, and the best part is that they share a love for the Lord like no other! I cannot wait to see how God is going to use their marriage to glorify His Kingdom!

Now onto their story as told by the one and only… Mitch:

“Where to begin?!? Surprisingly enough Carli and I grew up in the same town and even had tons of mutual friends but never met until my senior year at Auburn University. I had noticed her two years prior at an ACC worship night but was too nervous to go talk to her. A couple years after that I started seeing her at Church and then at a coffee shop. After many missed hints I finally got a clue and asked her out shortly after I moved to Colorado to work for a church in the Boulder area. When she left after helping me move to Colorado I quickly realized that she is a woman who loves God more than anything else I can’t stand to be apart from her. Immediately, being the planner that I am, I started to search her Pinterest/ask questions about proposals/etc. Carli came out for many trips and fell in love with Colorado and especially Boulder. So I knew I had to propose at the most iconic place in Boulder, The Flatirons. I wanted every detail to be perfect from her being surprised, to getting the perfect ring, and of course I wanted to make sure I captured this special moment. I look up sunset/sunrise times for the perfect light at the flatirons, I came up with a perfect fake itinerary for Carli so she wouldn’t catch on and also be dressed right for the pictures, etc. I came up with the perfect spot which included an easy place for Nathaly to hide for the pictures. Despite all my planning one thing I couldn’t control was the weather to look great. I prayed for weeks very nervously about it, even that morning when driving there a fog covered the mountains but at the last second they cleared. I was so nervous and excited yet I had to keep it all in so she wouldn’t suspect it. In my panic of trying to not give it away I think I showed up 15 minutes before I had planned to get to the spot (sorry Nathaly). I immediately took Carli to the spot and asked her if she would be my wife. She said YES!! Still humble and giddy over this amazing woman saying yes! And I will never get over it!! Lots of planning all paid off! Now no more planning… for a day or so at least.”

After the proposal we hiked the flatiron which Mitch said it was an easy 20-30min hike hahahahaha. I am still laughing at that because it took us a solid hour! We had a blast though!! And to top it off we went to Rocky Mountain National Park afterwards and my oh my how beautiful that place is. I had never seen that much snow in my life before, and I felt like a 10 year old kid at Disney World!

Seriously couldn’t have asked for a better trip to Colorado! CONGRATULATIONS MITCH AND CARLI!!


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