Anyone who knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with all things Colorado! The beauty of seeing those mountains takes my breath away every single time. This mountainside Colorado session was cloudy and moody, but when the sun peaked it took the shoot to another level! 

What was really fun about this mountainside Colorado session is that Sam is actually a photographer as well! I loved getting to connect with her in Colorado. Sam and Mason are both such joyful and inspirational people to spend time with. Even though Sam is used to being behind the camera, she was such a natural in front of the camera! Her and Mason were both KILLING the game with their outfits!  I was so honored to have the chance to capture their love, and the black and white images we got from this session just speak to me so much with all their feeling and emotion! 

We had the best time hiking up the mountain, and the view once we got to the top was UNREAL! Keep scrolling and you’ll see a picture of Sam and Mason at the top of the mountain, but what you won’t see is me slipping on ice and almost losing my life trying to get the shot. True story hahaha

Are you loving these snowy mountainside Colorado session photos as much as I am?? Let’s go out west together and make some magic! And if you missed this Colorado proposal, you need to go check it out right now!

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