Savannah and Landon’s parking deck sunset session in Downtown Birmingham was definitely one for the books! One thing I love about being a photographer is that each couple is so unique and brings their own style to their photoshoot. I loved that these two got dressed up for this shoot. Their fancy clothes went PERFECTLY with the city and the tall buildings in the background. And I think we can all agree that Savannah’s dress was absolutely fabulous, am I right??

We actually started this shoot at the botanical gardens in Birmingham. So once we got to the parking deck they had loosened up and felt so much more free just in time for sunset! Golden hour is by far one of my favorite times to do sessions because the photos turn out so warm and beautiful.

The photo of where Savannah and Landon are about to kiss, and the sun is peeking through in between them reminds me of a Nicholas Sparks movie haha. Which is fitting, because Savannah and Landon have a love that is straight out of a movie. They even own an airstream that they use for traveling, how cool and romantic is that?!

After this photoshoot, parking deck sunset sessions have become some of my favorites! Now when I visit a big city, I always try to look for pretty parking decks with a beautiful view!

If you are loving these sunset parking deck photos and want some of your own, I’m your girl! Also, check out some of these sunset engagement session: Hailey & Garrett, Katey & Dylan

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