Joanna and Cody’s mountainside elopement in Tennessee was one of my absolute favorite days! The whole day was filled with fun, laughter, and love. It was an honor to capture it! I actually went to high school with both Joanna and her sister, and we all quickly became friends over our mutual love for high school musical, dancing, and ice cream!  The best part about this mountainside elopement in Tennessee was that when Joanna reached out to me she said, “I just want mountains and to be close to home”. She then gave me the freedom to help her find the location! It is so sweet and special when clients can trust you with their vision the way Joanna did! 

This spot in Chattanooga, Tennessee was the PERFECT location for Joanna and Cody’s mountainside elopement! Joanna had the cutest shoes ever for hiking up the mountain, you gotta scroll down and check them out!! Once we got to the top of the mountain, we popped some champagne, and got the most beautiful shots of the newlyweds! The clear umbrella was definitely a win this day due to on and off rain, but that didn’t stop us from spending all day outside for this mountainside elopement in Tennessee! 

Side note: CHECK OUT JOANNA AND CODY’S MATCHING TATS. Are you as obsessed as I am?! 

We ended the day in the most perfect way I could possibly think of, eating pizza. Joanna said she always had dreamed of eating pizza on her wedding day, so that is exactly what they did! Needless to say, this mountainside elopement in Tennessee was what dreams are made of!

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