Okay, have you ever seen a more STUNNING wildflower field than this one?! Every place I went during my first time in Utah was insanely beautiful, and Albion Basin was no exception! This summer Albion Basin Utah session with Brooke and Luke was one I will remember forever! 

If you are planning a trip out to Utah, Albion Basin is definitely a must see!! A key tip is to arrive early to avoid the rush and then stay for the sunset. It is definitely a popular place to be, but as you can tell from these photos it is more than worth it! Definitely should add it to your bucket list (and then hire a photographer to capture your love there…I think I know someone who would be up for it…hint hint hahaha).

Doing this session with Brooke and Luke was truly what dreams are made of! Seriously, I will be dreaming about those wildflowers for the rest of my life. It also helps that Brooke and Luke are basically supermodels and complete rockstars in front of the camera. As if the scenery wasn’t enough to make this shoot unforgettable, these two were such stunners!  I could not have been more obsessed with Brooke’s amazing fashion sense and those KILLER jeans she wore.

Also, fun fact Brooke had a sprained ankle during this session! But that for sure did not stop her from frolicking around in Albion Basin!

If you can’t tell, I am kind of obsessed with Utah and need to go back, so please get me back there! If you are ready for your adventurous session out West, just say the word and I am there! Plus, if you need to look at some beautiful photos from Utah here is Hailey and Garrett and Antelope Island And here is Shelby and Bryan and Cecret Lake! 


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