Oh Utah…I am constantly amazed at how there are so many BEAUTIFUL spots so close to each other in this state! This dreamy mountainside Utah session at Cecret Lake was to die for, and the location was the most dreamy. I’m forever in love with the tones and colors of this shoot, and especially in love with the way the lighting allowed the trees to reflect in the water. 

Want to know the best part of this shoot?? It was 92 degrees outside…but I didn’t sweat at all. That’s no humidity for ya! Truly amazing!! Another fun fact about this session is that it all happened within the span of 20 minutes. We did a mile hike on a very steep mountain to find this STUNNING lake just sitting there and it was getting dark real fast on us! It was all so worth it though and Shelby and Bryan were such naturals that we were able to still get incredible shots in a short amount of time. And yet ANOTHER fun fact…it doesn’t get dark in Utah in the summer until about 10 pm, so we were literally descending the mountain at 9:30. Crazy!!! Everything happened so fast, but honestly every little detail out of our control made this the a dreamy mountainside Utah session!

Shelby and Bryan were a blast to work with and going on this adventure with them was pretty unforgettable! The two of them were so in love and giddy the whole time and getting to capture this was such a joy!! Also, side note: how perfect is Shelby’s pants? haha they were so fun! I for sure complimented her outfit a million times. Plus Bryan’s earthly tones totally added to this scenery!

If you’re ready to book your Utah session, let me know and let’s go on an adventure together!! And if you need some more Utah session goodness here is Hailey and Garrett, Brooke and Luke.


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