When your sister is getting married, you have to have more than one engagement session!! Since Renata and Dan’s first engagement session was in the winter, we decided that we definitely needed to do a summertime one as well! It is pretty hard to beat a good waterfall session, so having a summer Toccoa Falls engagement session was perfect!

Getting to explore Toccoa Falls and walking around the water to find the sandbar was so much fun! I love how the sandbar pictures turned out. You really get a great view of the whole waterfall in the background. The colors in this session just make me so happy! Renata’s dress complemented the earthy tones of the rocks and waterfall perfectly. Also, I guess that’t the beauty of having a sister, because that is totally my dress that she stole for this shoot haha!

Having a Taccoa Falls engagement session can be a little tricky. It is very important to keep the crowd in mind. Specially when you go to tourist places across the world. Always remember to take in consideration the day of the week and the time of the day you go. This was my first time at Toccoa Falls, and it was definitely a lot more crowded than I had anticipated. This was a good learning curve though, so I was able to know better for the next time! Luckily, the crowd didn’t faze Renata and Dan and we acted as if it was just the two of them there!

Waterfalls are so beautiful and I would love to chase some waterfalls with you, so reach out and let’s talk! Here is another Toccoa Fall Engagement session for you to check out, it was during winter so it’s fun to see the different seasons!


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