Oh, what a DREAMY summer proposal this was!! I am a sucker for a good proposal story and this one is just too good. Get your tissue box ready to go because you’re gonna need it for this story. 

So Baylee reached out to me about two weeks before this summer proposal happened to book her senior session. She wanted her boyfriend to be there for some pictures as well. Little did Baylee know that her boyfriend, Evan, had already reached out to me about shooting their proposal! So during our graduation session it was SO hard for me to act casual and pretend like I didn’t know what Evan had in store for Baylee later that week. So, a few days later we were at a park and I was pretending to take photos of another couple. Baylee and Evan walked by, we waved at each other, and a few steps later he got down on one knee and proposed! 

Are you crying yet?! I know I am! Proposals always make me teary and getting to shoot that moment in a couple’s life is such an honor. If you want to read more about Baylee and Evan’s dreamy summer proposal story, check out the article that was featured on How They Asked!

And if you want to see another beautiful proposal, except this time with lots of snow here is a Colorado proposal!!


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